Freedom of Natural Health Under Siege

We pride ourselves as having a country that protects, not “free speech”, but freedom of speech. As a principal, freedom of speech is still alive, but not necessarily well. In fact, what is being protected is freedom of ill speech. We can bitch and moan. We can swear and hurl invective. One of the 10 Episodes that Changed the World on the South Park cartoon series really dramatized this fact, when the word “shit” was uttered almost 200 times. This was an intentional point that the show producers were making, since they displayed a counter that incremented each time the word was spoken. But talk about health, or more specifically, natural health and healing modalities, and our freedom to express ourselves can be curtailed.

Now I’m not singling the word “shit” out as being somehow more offensive than any of the other usual suspects in the swear lexicon. I say it — and now, write it — if the occasion warrants. I could make a point about the bastardization of the English language, and our inclination to use gratuitous sensationalism to squeeze the last bit of awe from human minds, but that would be beside the point. My concern is that today, we appear to be more conditioned to, and accepting of negative, discordant, or shall I say, hope dimming language and ideas. We protect them more than we do ideas that build hope, faith, and confidence in ourselves, our health, our fellow human beings, in today, or tomorrow. We hardly question that which hurts, while remaining reluctant to embrace that which helps, or heals.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the area of health.

Americans are currently experiencing a dramatic increase in the onset of chronic diseases. Children are starting to bloat into obesity and diabetes at earlier ages, and in unprecedented numbers.  Autism spectrum disorder, a rare and curious ailment first recognized in 1943, is now affecting 1 in 500 children, on average, and in some communities, the number is as high as 1 in 250.

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. We’re getting so “comfortable” and “familiar” with discomfort that we’re calling some by their initials such as “E.D.” for erectile dysfunction. We’re also free to talk about the drugs and other medical response protocols — e.g., radiation therapy and chemotherapy for various types of cancers — that are available to treat these conditions. When they are ineffective, we console ourselves in the notion that:

  • we prolonged the patient’s life,
  • we have more to learn,
  • the “bug” got the best of us this time, or when all else fails,
  • the illness was all in the patient’s head

Call these strategies into question, however, and a whole you can open a whole new can of worms.

A lot of money has been spent to have you and me open our mind to the idea that pharmaceutical approaches to illnesses can “cure” disease, even though the side effects that the treatment causes could kill us.

Money has been spent to have you pay, not only “an arm and a leg,” but your arms and legs, and hips and hearts, to maintain a lifestyle, plus eating and thinking habits that literally wear them out. Money has been spent to dissuade you from thinking that you are stronger than “the bug,” or virus, and that you have the power to recover from many chronic diseases if you get to the root causes thereof, and make the changes that are called for.

Some of these changes are nutritional, not so much in the food that we take in, but the mineral components that are body is designed to run on. If you take these minerals in some form of supplement with the idea of preventing, or recovering from illness, they are classified as drugs, even though evidence shows that the minerals are not present in sufficient quantity in our food. How can a mineral, such as magnesium for example, that the body was designed to work on become a drug when it’s increasingly impossible to eat ourself to sufficiency?

We can say “shit,” “fuck,” and “damn,” with reckless abandon, but responsible people must “tiptoe through the tulips” of bureaucracy if they suggest that adequate stores of magnesium can “cure” or alleviate certain health conditions, although it is true.

Let’s say right off that freedom of speech isn’t dead, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to share these thoughts with you. But I hope you see my point.

I had a conversation recently with a man who saw a melanoma — which is a serious form of skin cancer — go away in about three days after rubbing a natural solution of ocean-derived magnesium chloride onto it. The spot had been there for a number of years. Needless to say, he was ecstatic.

Since he is in health supplement business, he started carrying the product and telling, and showing others. As of our conversation, at least five other people had experienced the same thing. Skin melanoma’s had disappeared after spraying magnesium chloride onto them, or taking a bath with a small amount of solution poured in. This wasn’t a claim or even a guarantee, but simply a statement of fact.

At a health expo where his company had a booth, one of his signs said that people have experienced relief from a number of ailments, including diabetes, stroke, and others, all of which were (and are) true statements. However, when a representative of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration stopped by his booth and read the sign, he was immediately confronted with, “YOU CAN’T SAY THAT!” and ORDERED to take it down.

Now why is that?

Where is the harm being done, if true information is being communicated about a natural, harmless agent, that actually helps people overcome illness and disease, without prohibitive cost? What is being protected here? It’s certainly not health, or even access to it. What’s being protected is our perception of vulnerability to everything, and our need for a saviour outside of the One within.

We are encouraged to continue believing that we need a pill, which may cause a few harmful side-effects. However, it’ll be okay if a doctor tells us it’s okay. Never mind that the doctor earns his living, supporting his lifestyle, on your willingness to put his opinion and “better judgment” above your own. Laws are being created to hold the drug companies harmless if their products hurt you. Even the doctors are left hanging out to dry in that respect. But a LOT of money is spent to convince you that you need to remain in this mindset.

The system is also set up to support this way of doing things. Insurance companies will pay 10’s and 100’s of thousands of dollars for surgeries, hospital visits, drugs administered at outrageous prices, but not for “alternative” or natural, and often much less expensive, more effective approaches.

I mention the insurance companies because they are doling out the money. However, you doled it out to them. They ask you for your money, promising to take care of you. You give it to them, then when you decide that you want to try an approach that is all-natural, non-invasive, and non-toxic, they say “No, it’s not on our list of ‘approved’ approaches.” This is the system we have created today, but it’s not working so well… for you and me. It works fabulously for drug companies.

Many thousands of people are taking allopathic treatments for chronic diseases; treatments that are further compromising their health, because everyone that they talk to believes in the doctor, or the drug, or is willing to gamble on their ability to resume their life after a radical procedure. Yet, they not only question, but ridicule treatment strategies that don’t require killing the patient in order to kill the “bug.”

I take no offense against allopathic medicine. It provides a valuable and necessary service to all of society, each and every day. However, its reliance on technology, and pharmacology as its toolbox has become dominant, and its declining effectiveness at helping patients return to health is showing. We’re not living longer, we’re “living” longer, with illness and chronic disease. That is a pattern that we can change, when we take matters of health into our own hands, and fill our minds and bodies with that which nourishes, instead of that which discourages.

It’s time to assert and affirm our intention to be healthy, and to live with health, than to fear calamity, illness, and disease. As surely as we live and breathe, what we spend most of our thoughts and energies on, we will create and experience. So let’s focus on health, and embody it.

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  1. There’s a great book called The Medical Mafia I would recommend. Can anybody hand on heart say, that if they developed a cure for cancer or autism tomorrow, that could be grown in your back garden, free, that it would be shared around? Err…don’t think so. No money…no way.

  2. Barbara, thank you for visiting, and for the work you are doing to help others become more aware of what’s possible.

  3. Sorry, that link didn’t work right. I think this should:

    Natural Health and Christianity – ChristianNewsletters.Com

    If not, just click on my name.

  4. We all need to change how we think about health care and medicine and refocus on natural, preventative health and living natural, healthy lifestyles. My life has been completely changed by natural health concepts. With all that natural health is up against, it’s going to take grassroots movement.

    If you’d like, you can read my story and find some info on natural health at my website, ChristianNewsletters.Com:

    Natural Health and Christianity – ChristianNewsletters.Com

    B. Dewey

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  7. Many thanks Lisa. I would suggest that you remember that you need not fight for freedom. Simply encourage, or help people remember to exercise what they have. Otherwise, we’ll use our freedom to fight, which is what we’re doing now. Exercising our freedom to give life to our highest dreams portends greater health, joy, and happiness. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, and welcome to the ranks of people who’ll make a difference!

  8. Dear Adam,
    Thank you for your boldness on speaking about freedom of speech where natural health is concerned. The FDA isn’t there to protect us, but to protect themselves and the drug companies. The Creator created herbs and nature to heal and it has for thousands of years and in the last hundred years allopathic medicine has been around and some how the man made drugs are considered superior. We all need to work together and fight for our freedom to be able to use whatever healing method we seem appropriate for ourselves. I am in the last semester of getting my Naturopathic doctor degree and I will have to be ever so careful not to over step the laws that bind me and my ability to help people. God bless you. Lisa

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