The Power of Belief in Reality Creation

‘G–‘, In You, and Me

How powerful is the power of belief? In terms of milli- or megawatts, amperes, or volts, I have no idea of how they can be translated. However, in terms of reality creation, the power of belief is BIG. The next question is, just how BIG is it?

In this life, and on this stage of experience, beliefs are primary components with respect to what makes our “reality” go. And while beliefs do power the reality of collective experience that we share, our personal beliefs reign supreme over the day-to-day, moment-to-moment flow of perceptions, experiences, and feelings that we know as our life.

Our beliefs influence what we experience in life, and our take on what we experience. Our conclusions about life and love, religion and politics; about the people we encounter, what we observe, and about ourselves, are formed from our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.

The salient point for us to know here is that beliefs can and do change. To be more to the point, we can and do change our beliefs. And when we change our beliefs, experiences change.

For example. We tend to look at life in hierarchical, tiered, stratified terms. Some people are judged to be “here” with us, others are over there “above” us, and still others, are “beneath” us. Some are “over yonder”, while still others are nowhere at all. We may define those we think of as “us” in familial, local, regional, national, racial, religious, or socio-economic terms. (FYI, I define “us” in human terms, as in human spirits.)

Our perceptions are filtered through this “linear” belief structure. Our reality is then constructed, and life flows through it. We place value judgments on the events and the people that we see; all of which are seen relative to where we see ourselves, and who we perceive ourselves to be.

A person who perceives himself as “rich” may look at another he perceives as “poor” with disdain, or with great respect. His external status may have nothing to do with his internal perception. Each individual’s personal belief structure will “trump” external factors.

By the same token, a person who perceives themself as “poor” may also view others who are “rich” with disdain, or with respect. A beautiful woman may see herself as “ugly” and unworthy of love and then succeed at a string of unfulfilling relationships. An “ugly” woman may see herself as quite beautiful and worthy of love, and succeed at experiencing the best that relationship has to offer.

The fact is that how we view others, who appear to be polar opposites, or profoundly different in some way, is directly connected to our perception of self. It is a perception that we often do not acknowledge, and yet, it is within self that all change originates, and from whence must first come.

So as powerful as beliefs are, they are not the most powerful aspect of our being. Beingness Itself is the most powerful, as well as the most under acknowledged and ignored Aspect of who we are. At the core of our being and beingness, is God. God makes up not only the core of our beingness, but the totality of Its breathe, depths, and limits. In truth, our beingness has no limits, but due to another belief — a belief in duality — our perceptions see life in a context of “beginnings” and “endings”, “likeness” and “unlikeness”, “good” and “evil”. As such, we don’t recognize the Oneness that underlies, empowers, and energizes all. We think God favors (or disfavors) “us”, and not “them.” The truth is that we, at this stage of consciousness, favor “us” over “them”. Or resent “them” being over “us”, or think “they” are beneath “us.”

When we see and embrace our Oneness with God, and with all else, our perceptions about everything changes. When our perceptions change, so will our beliefs. Our attitudes will then follow, as will our words, actions, and deeds.

Will we be able to stop a world that threatens to escalate a war? Maybe. Will we be able to stop starvation and the spread of disease? Maybe. Will we be able to provide for those who are in need? Or restore our health? Maybe. Do we have the power to do all of these things and more? Most definitely yes, we do.

The power lives within each and every one of us. The beauty comes in realizing that there is no “us”, but there is a One. In realizing the One, and loving It unconditionally, we open up a conduit for the most profound, sublime, and powerful Flow of That Which Is. At the same time, making the choice to love That Which Is, releases us from the “fear of what will happen next.” In so doing, we will begin viewing What Comes Next with anticipation instead of fear. As such, “What Comes Next” will take on the same resonance and vibration of what we’re anticipating, becoming “What Is.”

It is common to question whether one person make a difference. It is uncommon to ask the question, “Can I make a difference?” because commonly, the answer we would return with, is “no,” or “I don’t know.” As such, it often seems safer to take the stance that something is not possible if it hasn’t been done, or if we haven’t done it, than to risk attempting to make it happen and failing. Yet, all of what we experience today is a result of success.

Even “failure” is a result of someone succeeding at not fulfilling their dream. “Illness” and “disease” is the result of someone succeeding at distracting themselves from their true dream, or internalizing the anger, resentment, and disdain they feel toward others. “Hatred” is the result of someone succeeding at not knowing who they are, not knowing the oneness that we all share, and not seeing God in self, in others, and in all creation.

God is in all creation, including the creations that we judge to be evil and harmful. But God is nonetheless, love, for love is That Which Is, and All There Is. So the creations that we fear are our creations, whose purpose is to help us play out our beliefs, and at some point, to step beyond and transcend them, for with God all things are possible.

When we know that we are always “with God” (as well as everyone else) then all things become possible for us. This is a realization that each must make for himself at this stage of consciousness; it can not be made for us, and need not, since there is no “us” in the first place.

As long as aspects of the Oneness that we are haven’t received, or embraced the “Oneness memo,” then we’ll witness calamity and upheavals that would normally be disturbing, but be undisturbed. On the world stage, we’ll see public and foreign policy that would normally frighten, but be unafraid. Instead we’ll focus our thoughts and energies toward what is in our heart, that we have conceived and lovingly gestated in our mind. We’ll give further life with our words, actions, and deeds.

This alignment with the all powerful Love that formed, and always sustains us then causes the Love to flow through us, as us. We may not look different, but we will be changed. Then again, that’s natural, because change is also, what we are.

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  1. I do understand your reasoning. We are all on planet earth to LEARN of YHWH within that is the only right and all other gods, beliefs, thoughts as sins is error of mind. No matter what there does exist absolute Universal (not carnal) governing Law. Peace.

  2. Many thanks CyberRev. For quite some time I had an issue with the term “sin”, and the assertion that we were born into it. Particularly, the connotation of what that meant. If sin is ignorance, a state of unawareness, or perhaps, veiled awareness that is subject to unfolding, then it makes sense. But since everyone goes through life from where they happen to be in consciousness… meaning at their state of unawareness, or awareness, fear or love, with the resultant stupidity or intelligence/wisdom of their actions, I no longer look in terms of the “rightness” or “wrongness” of our actions; not with the implied judgment that goes along. I do see things in terms of the harmonic or discordant energies or vibrations that result. Yet, in that sense, that which produces greater discord could be considered unintelligent, unwise, or “wrong.” But without the entire spectrum and sphere of possibility, including discord and chaos we would not appreciate harmony and peace. In my view, beneath, and within it all is love.

  3. I agree “oneness” of G-D is where male and female, from the sinful fall of Adam and Eve to the pagan polytheistic world of political and social lifestyles in the now; we have ALL wronged. It is to this ‘oneness’ WITHIN one must return with eyes alert to the inner VOICE of a G-D that transcends time, living and place. Once we understand this supernatural ‘gift’ within, the natural will positively obey and dominion, reward, peace and blessings shall flow as the sun, moon and stars, daily.

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